Insider Program

The Other Guyz were challenged by Google to launch Insider Program, an event dedicated to sharing reliable insights on how to best advertise during the most popular advertising season in the Middle East, Ramadan. Insider Program is Google’s way to share all of this useful data and more with marketers in the MENA region.

Google challenged The Other Guyz to design and build Insider Program, an event that would take place in YouTube Space in Dubai Studio City for two days.

We created and delivered a remarkable concept that set the mood to a successful event. The environment took the guests by surprise and immediately transported them into Google territory to get them all ready for what Google had to say.

Over 200 selected guests from the largest brands and advertising agencies in the region learned about the latest insights about Ramadan. The presentation was supported by sessions and keynotes that gave the guests an in-depth look into the successful case studies. Guests also had the chance to network over lunch while experiencing Google’s most recent tech from “Google Home” to “Tilt Brush”.