Dale Carnegie is an American training and coaching company founded in 1912 and headquartered in New York. The Dubai office reached out to us in order to help them spread the word about their event “Transcending Challenges”. The event is about inspiring creative solutions to the growing challenges facing corporations in the market. The ticketed event was targeting a select few like CEOs, MDs, and HR Directors.

To create awareness about the event hosted at a casual venue through a series of strong key visuals. The deliverables included digital and physical invitation design to social media posts and e-mail blasts.

We knew how difficult it would be to appeal to that constantly busy target audience and make them free time in their schedule to attend the event.

So, we decided to use those challenges facing businesses these days and illustrated them in stylized retro key visuals. The campaign gave them a little teaser about what would be discussed in the event which resonated with them. It also helped maintain a casual feel to make the event feel less formal and more of a fun place to be at. The event was a great success with all tickets sold out.